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All Services are priced and listed separately, please make sure you select all services you wish to receive individually before submitting your online appointment request.
* All Service Providers offer different pricing, All prices reflect a starting point.
Not sure what needs to be booked? We can always book it for you, call our receptionist! 308-258-1674

Please Review our Salon Policies, To prevent any misunderstanding of our cancellation policy, refund policy, and other company policies we put in place to create a better experience for both you and your service provider.

Helium is located in the heart of Railside, in Downtown Grand Island. We are right off the main drag 3rd street where you can cruise restaurants & boutiques after your visit. Please make sure you allow time to park. With all the thriving businesses it tends to be a pretty busy destination. We can't wait to have you!


Before booking online Please review our Cancellation Policy by clicking here. 

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