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No more glue, or tape.

We offer an array of extension options. If you are looking for practically invisible extensions, hand-tied is the way to go!

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What are Hand-tied extensions?

Hand-tied actually refers to the type of extension used and the methods can vary depending on what your artist is trained in. All methods include using silicone lined beads to create anchors in the natural hair. Then hand tying the hand-tied weft to these custom placed anchor beads.

Giving you fuller, longer, thicker hair in just one hair appointment!

Where do I get the Hair?

A Helium Extension Specialist will perfectly match your hair to your new Hand-tied wefts. Although we have some hair on hand, we will also custom order hair that suits you better, if need be. Depending on length and fullness desired prices vary, but your individual price will be discussed with you at your personal consult.

Before setting up an appointment to get your Hand-tied Extensions installed we do require full payment on all custom hair orders.

Things I'll need to do to maintain them on my own?

Brush Frequently!

Use ONLY Professional Shampoo & Conditioner

Dry your hair 100% after washing

Throw your hair up in your favorite top knot or pony as normal!

Sleep on a silk pillowcase with your hair braided or loosely tied back in a low pony

How long do they last?

On average natural hair grows a half inch monthly, and will continue to do so with your new extensions installed. So your extensions will need to be moved up to your scalp every 6-8 weeks.

As far as your hair extension wefts go, typically we see 6-10 months of wear before they need replaced. If you're lucky, sometimes even longer.

Things I can NOT do when I have hand-tied extensions?

Do NOT try to remove extensions by yourself.

Do NOT sleep on them wet.

Do NOT put yourself in windy situations.

Do NOT submerge in pool water or the ocean.

Do NOT use a brush that is not recommended by your specialist.

How long does it take to get them installed?

Depending on your personal desired look you may need a cut and color along with your installation. But you can estimate between 3-6 hours for the initial install. Move-up appointments every 6-8 weeks are between 1-3 hours. 

All of this information will be covered in your personal consult based on your desired look.

How much are they?

Hand-tied installation can range anywhere from $140+

Move up appointments will reflect the same price as original install appointment + a $37 removal fee.

This cost does not include, the cost of hair wefts, color, or any additional services.

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